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Digital & Personalised Print

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Digital & Personalised Print

Quality Print to Post services encompass financial statements, direct mail letters, price lists, parts lists and manuals.

For high volume demand printing we use digital printers that can utilise individual stocks at any one time and output personalised material at a rate of over 2 A4 pages per second.

The flexibility of the inkjet digital printing platform allows for the text format of each page to vary, as well as the extent and volume of variable information that is merged with your client. Digitised signatures and logos may also be merged and programmed to print in accordance with predetermined criteria. For example, variable transactions, local branch managers of a large organisation signing letters to clients within their respective territories, as opposed to a single generic signatory, or in short variable on demand printing, every page can be variable.

We also supply mailing lists when required. The lists can be market segmented by demographics or psychographics to suit your needs.

High speed inkjet processing is a lower cost alternative to laser and is an excellent solution for the rapid processing of standard mailing items such as letters, magazines, brochures and flyers. Inkjet is also an ideal medium for including special marketing messages, return addresses and postage indicia on envelopes, flysheets or documents.

Inkjet addressing is also available online as part of the plastic wrapping process in our publications area, minimising turnaround through the use of a single process to address and wrap at the same time.